Winter Operations

Winter is coming!

Taking good care of yourself and the aircraft is essential for safe and trouble-free operations.

Let’s start with the pilot – Wear, or bring warm clothes and leave those pointy shoes behind. A thorough preflight inspection inevitably increases the pilot’s cold exposure, so that’s one reason. Another is that everyone on board needs to be dressed to survive a more extended cold weather exposure in the event of an off-airport landing.

A thorough pre-flight is important all year round, but it is essential in winter time. Even if you are freezing your ass fingers off, make sure to remove all contaminants from control surfaces, airfoils, windshield, static ports etc. Use approved de-ice fluid if available. AeroShell Compound 7 is always in stock at both our facilities. Avoid turning the master on right before starting the engine to preserve the battery.

If possible, preheat the engine thoroughly. This will make sure the oil is actually a liquid and not a ice cold sludge. Use the correct cold weather start procedures, and avoid excessive power settings at start. Allow the oil to heat up sufficiently before engine run-up and cycling of the governors if applicable.

Flying in winter time is a great experience, and reciprocating engines have hot-rod performance, but be aware of the temperatures and pressures.

Contact us for your winter flying needs – be it oil, de-ice fluid, co detectors or batteries.