Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

Focused primarily on the General Aviation, our business is keeping you and your aircraft airborne. We have an extensive knowledge and experience with aircraft through 30 years, including, but not limited to Cessna, Piper, Diamond, TBM, Socata, Beechcraft, Pilatus. We service all these makes and models on a regular basis. We also maintain various classic aircraft. Our highly experienced team of engineers, technicians and mechanics are dedicated to ensure that your aircraft keep flying.

Our services include general service on air frame, engines, components and propellers, all scheduled inspections, airworthiness notes and service bulletins, overhauls, modifications, repairs, avionics upgrades, weight and balance, ballistic parachutes, new registrations.

Experienced on staff commercial pilot (EASA CPL, IR, ME, FI/FAA) able us to assist you in technical and ferry flights.


Our approvals include full EASA Part-145, EASA Part-M and FAA Repair Station. FAA Aviation Safety Inspector on staff.